Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picnics, Shooting, Easter Bunnies

Went to Perth over Easter, this year i was lucky, normally my Birthday is during the week, this year it was on a Saturday AND on the Easter weekend. I never work on my Birthday, it's the rule. And i also decided i'd like to go away for it. So last year we went to Tasmania and this year we went to Perth.

Lots of building going on in Perth, half the city is a construction site, no joke!

We have been wanting to go to Perth for Years. It's ridiculous! We even wanted to move here about 3 years ago, but then we didn't. I'm glad we didn't, i'm not a small town girl, small city.., same thing.

Anyways, i liked Perth, it's nice. It's a picnic city, it has lots of nice gardens and parks and the beaches aren't far and very beautiful. Busy with surfers though, which is ridiculous because the waves are really small and shitty and crash right at the beach, but whatever, they gotta know, pretty pathetic display though.

 That's me playing around with the target

So we went to the local shooting range for a day. We wanted to do that for years too, finally crossed that off our list. We shot 2 different guns, shotgun and a 9mm semi-automatic, it was great fun but i was nearly shitting myself when i heard the guns go off the first couple of times. Fuckin scary!!

Guns are bolted in so you don't fucking shoot your head off by accident

Then we went to Fremantle, it was pretty shit, around the harbour/beach where they have the lookout thing it was quite nice. But all in all pretty fuckin boring! I got a nice ice cream though, Nutella and milk/cherry. So i was somewhat content.

 Nice park at Fremantle/Harbour

Perth has a really nice, really wide river, which is much cleaner then the shitty, dirty Yarra river we got in Melbourne. It looks like a bay, that's how wide it is. Yeah, Perth is a cool chill city to relax and have picnics and even go out at night to some of the bars in the cooler parts of the town.

A disgusting weird thing that looked like it's been around for at least 500 million years that we found near Perth river

On my birthday we had a picnic(what else), a drive through the hip suburbs, a couple of walks and then went to one of my friend's houses, she invited me for dinner. That was really nice and it was great meeting people there, makes it more personal.

 And some pretty crude Easter window decoration

We had a nice Easter, i hope you did too. What you do?


  1. Sounds like you were not all that impressed with our side of the Country. Got to say though that Perth is not the best part of WA. If you wanted a great holiday you should have gone south to Albany, Denmark, Margaret River - lots of surf there and great markets, wineries.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. I took a walk in a park.

  3. I did nothing! Totally boring when you have 2 kids. Anyway, shooting guns? I gotta try that. I am surrounded by idiots at my new workplace and that might help let off some steam. Anyway, my toddler went to Disneyland with the grandparents and the infant was with me, mommy. That was Easter. Perhaps next year will be more eventful. Take care!

  4. Hello, hello! Oh look! You have one of those bugs here! Except yours has a nice long tail. Hmm, kinda evil looking.

    Happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had a lovely getaway. And I'm envious that you got to get some target practice. It's something I've always wanted to do, too.