Thursday, April 29, 2010


As i said in my last post, we had a little treat planned for my birthday.

So we went to Tasmania for 4 days, last weekend.
It was quite cold and raining a lot.
I wasnt impressed, but it was ok. And i quite liked getting out of here.

Tasmania is quite redneck, the towns are small and the nature is pretty and probably nicer to travel in summer.

We spent my birthday in Launceston, its very small and it was very rainy and windy. 
The prettiest thing there is the Gorge, its worth going to, got lots of walking tracks and chair lifts and stuff. Thats where i took most of those pictures.
I only took pictures on the 1st day coz then my memory stick was full with 330 pictures and i cudnt buy a new one, no shops open on Sunday and no computer. So only one day.

I like Hobart and surroundings, very interesting historically, convicts and stuff and the day we went there it was really nice and sunny.(more about that later)

Lots of animals roaming around Tasmania, the streets and the sky. Lots of roadkill too. Sad.
Because of the weather my favourite pastime was checking out old candy stores and i scored quite some treats there.


  1. I have only been to tasmania for work, but have enjoyed seeing the place. Happy Birthday!

  2. I really enjoyed your pictures. Australia sounds like an awesome place to visit. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please visit me again.


  3. Love all those textural shots. Gorgeous.

  4. wow, cool pictures ^^ check out my blog:

  5. Tasmania is better than rehab for your 30 th!! That's how much I freaked out....
    Happy birthday. Wait till you hit 40. Not nearly as bad as 30...

  6. Nice photos, hope your enjoyed yourself despite thoughts of impending death...My 30s have been way better than my 20s - more self confidence and all that:)

  7. Aw what a great birthday pressie. A holiday. I would like to go to Tassie one day (in the summer)...You know it has been so cold here the last couple of days that I have had my lyptis fleece dress on already!!!! waaaaahhhhh , no more warm days.

  8. I so remember Tasmaina...visited years ago..Hobart was such a tiny little place..stayed at the hostel there...I can still see it in my mind. Thanks for leaving a comment the other your blog...xo Happy belated Birthday

  9. am loving these textures!

    SO exciting that you're off to NY soon!! In which case I would highly recommend where we stayed: the Candlewood suites in the fashion district. It's close to everything AND loads of fabric shops which you will have lots of fun in :)


  10. OOoh! Cool shots! Sorry to hear the weather wasn't so great - have been meaning to get down to Tassy myself - maybe Summer is a better time? Happy birthday too by the way you spring chicken you!!

  11. Bummer about the rain, but at least you found a compensation.

  12. That waterfall looks pretty cool. I hope you had a very happy birthday, despite the weather!

  13. Hmmm .. . now I need to investigate Tasmania.
    Thanks for visiting my blog - hope to see you again!


  14. Congrats!! Tasmania! I've always been very curious about Tasmania, seems like an very different place to live? Someday maybe I get the chance to visit the place myself:)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  15. It seams it was a nice trip, except the rain.
    Your took some great photos too, thanks for sharing.

  16. What lovely photos! Happy Birthday :)

  17. I like those photos. Different from the usual touristic shots but giving a sense of the place.