Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Miss The Freaks

Sometimes i miss NYC. I wish i could just pack up my bags and go there now.
I like the freaks. And i miss them.

Sometimes i see people running around the streets there, shouting or wearing the craziest things or just doing really random shit. I love it. It's so entertaining. 

Even the window displays in the shops are so fun! Old shops, weird shops, random shit. Whatever. I like to just walk around and check out the people and the buildings and all the shops.

Some of the shops look like they're stuck with a window display from like decades ago. Some look like the person doing the window is slightly disturbed.

Ah yeah, and one of the best times we had in NYC was at the Upper East Side at this deli and there were all these cookie old people and i just had such a great time(no photos though, i try to be polite). Man, if i was living there, this would be my local hangout.

Now i have to just scratch all the money together i can so i can go back there soon enough.

What are your favourite places? And why?


  1. haven't been to nyc but would love to interesting...maybe you need to look into a unit swap with somebody who lives on the upper east side...then you'd only have to scrape the fare together...

  2. South East Asia - Cause all their pants fit me. Wee, little people like me.

  3. hehehehehe, aren't there LOADS of freaks in oz...? they're just a little more hidden...


  4. HA! Those windows are so wild. They do the job, though. Sure make you stop to look. Will it make you buy? .....uh.......

    Sounds like you had a great weekend scheduled. Me, I just laid around like a blob. A very happy and relaxed blob.

  5. NYC is my fave city in the world!! So totally agree with you. I lived there for 4 months last year and fell in love with the place. ^_^