Sunday, April 10, 2011

The internet is eating my life!

Saturday i took a whole day off from the internet. It was awesome.
I'm on the internet so much, sometimes i feel like my eyes are going to pop out and afterwards i'm just quite confused and exhausted.

Slightly confused..

Everything is on the internet, my business, my friends, entertainment, education.. Watching movies, i even do that on the computer.

Sometimes i wish life would be more simpler, in every way. But i suppose you have to make it.

This is me after a whole day and night on the internet, i'm just not quite this happy.

When i'm not on the internet and i have a day off, those are the things i like doing,

going for a walk
reading classic, old English novels, i just rediscovered that
going to the library, same, i just rediscovered that too, i always loved libraries
baking, gotta do more of that
cleaning and tidying, yeah, i DON'T really like it, but i like the result
loitering about in the city, going out for breakfast
going for random drives
ah yeah and the beach, the beach is great.

This is me after a whole night on the internet. Check out my EYES!!

We actually went to the beach on Saturday, but it was fuck windy. Which means you are basically getting attacked by a sand storm and if you don't move for like 3 hrs i'm sure you would just disappear.

My eyes, my eyes, my brain is exploding! So many things to focus on!

So those are some of the things i like to do on a lazy internet free weekend. What are yours?

Picture credits:
1. spokis cornu by medusawolf(awesome shop)
2. Kenny Rainbows by berkleyillustration
3. ACEO illustration of the mysterious frabbit by scarableu
4. speku coron by medusawolf


  1. OMG...I know exactly how you feel...I curse the internet daily for eating my life (and I stare deeply into a computer screen all day at work, so my eyes actually ache by the time I get to bed each night.) My favorite way to get away from the internet is definitely studio work, with a walk by the lake, sleeping in or napping or reading or cooking all being runners up. Hell, I'll even take house cleaning (some days...)

  2. Your post was really funny. Great illustrations. Anyway, I have two kids now so they do all the time suckage. I have NO time. Well, barely any time for myself. When I do, I like to read, sew, go to museums, and talk to the hubby.

  3. Love the comment about the windy beach!
    Yes, I limit myself to 2-3 hrs a day on a computer 'cause it is too much of a distraction from doing the craft I need to do, to then be able to spend the time editing and listing and just fart-arsing on this thing. I like time off, and yeah, just loitering about, reading and napping are fave down time activities.

  4. Good for you! It's so easy to get way too plugged in--I know I do!

  5. I have been stepping away from the computer more and more lately. It does suck up so much time and I've really been feeling like I want to spend more time doing other things. Like reading, exercising, hanging out with real life friends, painting, dreaming, relaxing, cooking. So much goodness to be had off the computer. I like it.

  6. Okay step away from the computer's like everything I suppose...just have to find the right balance...I don't spend as much time online as I used to and life is better...more reading...being with friends...meditating...potterin round the house and garden...
    Have a good weekend of your dresses is mentioned over at my blog....

  7. I love everything you do except going out for breakfast (I can make a far better meal at home), although it has been a while since I read an old English classic. My baking consists mostly of crackers, cornbreads, and biscuits. Do you have any recipes you could lay on us?

  8. Great illustrations, are they yours? I'm a struggling college student, blogging about life on an EXTREMELY tight budget, so between that and school I spend A LOT of time on the computer. I love the days I take off, it feels so liberating!