Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Yesterday I wrote a post about the Green Showroom in Berlin. I had to split it up, there was just too much cool stuff to see. So today I wanna show you some more sustainable fashion labels.

One interesting project is Algeamy by Blond & Bieber. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute they are developing different coloured algae dyes to use for textile printing.

The interesting part is the dye, depending on the binding agent, developes different textures. From what feels like regular dye, to what feels like a quite tough, rubbery surface.

And the even more interesting thing is that the colours change after time due to UV exposure. So green turns into a light and then a medium blue. Orange turns into yellow or red or the other way around, I don't quite remember.

Love their printing machine too. It looks like a posh toy market stall for kids.
So elegant and simple, but so sophisticated. Very cool.

I think it's really interesting to see these innovations at the Fashion Week. Some people are really into their research and working together with science institutions.

Blond & Bieber even have a pretty video showing their process.

Who doesn't love videos, right?!

Envido is a label from Brazil working closely together with different local craftspeople, recycling bronze, leather, rubber, and even gem stones. Because apparently Brazil has so many gemstones and the small ones ain't good for exporting, so they are just getting thrown away! Like emeralds and amethysts and stuff. Crazy! The girls are super nice and I think it's great that they work with so many community projects and are doing so much upcycling.

Here is a picture of the recycled bronze, I really love the bracelet, even though I'm not a fan of the leather in the background. Still wanted to post the picture.

We briefly spoke about football too, the match between Germany and Brazil being that night. Well, that must have been a hard night for them! I hope they didn't take it too bad and have recovered by now.

Farrah Floyd is another fashion label based in Berlin, which integrates a zero waste system into their business. Like for example, developing cuts with no cutoffs, where you use a rectangle piece of fabric and just use seams to change the shape of the garment. Tricky stuff!

I like the cross between streetwear and a more eccentric, elegant silhouette.

And here is the show piece of the green showroom in my opinion, a gown by Lionel Morin. Not my style, but I thought it was interesting. It's more conceptual art than wearable fashion.

I'll probably write another post later, but first I got to go back to take some more pictures..

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