Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Yesterday I helped out a friend at the Green Showroom in Berlin. The Green Showroom is one of two connected sustainable fashion shows in Berlin, the other one being the Ethical Fashion Show. Basically the Ethical is for Streetwear and the Green Showroom for the more posh, luxury sector in the industry.

Both have a sustainable agenda, if you want to participate your label has to cover at least one environmental and one social aspect, which could be using organic fabrics, upcycling, local production, waste reduction, paying fair wages and so on.
I always like those fashion shows, because I feel more at home there and I know people are kind of on the same page with me when it comes to sustainability, eco conscious production and their work being socially viable.

The Green Showroom is held at the Adlon Hotel right next to the Brandenburger Tor/Brandenburg Gate in the middle of Berlin. It's one of the poshest hotels in town and crawling with rich people. Basically people, that I never get to fucking see during the rest of the year.

Which makes it really entertaining in itself. It's like a social study or something for me going there.

Here is a bad picture of the restaurant area.

And here is an example of the terribly cheesy artwork they have crowding the place. This one costs 5000€ btw. It looks like something bad from a 90's Berlin gift shop.

The ladies at the fashion show reception are super nice!

Here is a quick look into the cozy fashion expo setup, including carpets, heavy drapes and wood panelling.

The location makes for a quite intimate atmosphere.

And now let me show you some of the labels I liked.

There is of course my friends label, Maria Seifert Collections, pretty women's wear made from organic cotton or other organic fabrics. This time parts of the collection were featuring an interesting peacock print and yellow pants.

Her stall neighbour Skrabak had some cool dresses on offer which are printed and produced in Germany featuring interesting patterns inspired by Moroccan mosaic tiles.

Then there was Living Blue, who make indigo tie dyed scarfs made in Bangladesh. I'm always amazed by what's possible do make with tie dye, straight lines and everything, very impressive.

And here is Katrien van Hecke's collection, she's using plant dye exclusively for her lovely dresses and scarves. Unfortunately they are not vegan, as she uses silk fabcris only. But I wanted to show you anyways, because it's really amazing what you can do with natural dyes!

So expressive!

Ok, I just decided I will make 2 or even 3 posts out of this. There is just too much cool shit I wanna show you! Tomorrow we'll continue. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions regarding the shows just ask me. :)

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