Thursday, July 10, 2014


The annual Schöneweide Arts Festival or in German, Kunst am Spreeknie Festival, is happening this weekend again. It's been a great event last year, so I am quite looking forward to it again.

The festival kicks off tonight at 7pm with the Vernissage of the main exhibition at Zentralstation.

Over the weekend of the 12th and the 13th of July there will be 30 different exhibitions and more than 100 artists are opening their studios to the public.
There will be guided walks through exhibitions and the Schöneweide industrial area and other stuff going on.

I was supposed to participate in a Pop Up Store during the festival, which got cancelled due to the location not happening. Nevermind, right?! More time to party for me!

So, I will be hanging out at one of my favourite places, the Funkhaus at Nalepastrasse, where my studio is located and the studios of a lot of other people of varying degrees of crazy.
There will be a lot of art, especially paintings, some sculptures and some crafts. We have a music and performance program. And I will tell you right now, Saturday will be better then Sunday.

Here is the program for the rather posh sounding "Kultursaal".

It's all happening directly next the the river Spree in a nice East German 60's ambience.
If you want to visit me, I'm at the Funkhaus on the 4th floor, my room number is 431.
Maybe I see you around!

And here is a video of the festival from last year.

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