Friday, July 25, 2014


Here are the new products that have been freshly listed this week.

First of all the Shades Of Red tote bag, a super sturdy shopping bag made from upcycled denim in lots of different shades of red. Burgundy, peach, greyish reds.. lined with a really tough, water resistant material from old army sleeping bags. I've fitted this bag with two extra long straps, so you can wear it over your shoulder.

Shades Of Red tote bag made from upcycled materials
I also finally listed another fabric I'm really excited about: naturally coloured cotton!
This is a fabric made from cotton plants that are grown in different shades of predominantly greens and browns. All organic and with no use of GMO's! I love this fabric so much, because it's unbleached and undyed, smells very natural and has a subtle, almost earthy texture to it.

Lyptis Women's Batwing T-Shirt in naturally coloured cotton brown with cream stripes
This fabric is available as a women's t-shirt and a men's t-shirt now. I have the light fabric with green stripes too, but the darker fabric in green is not available at the moment, due to harvest issues.

Lyptis Men's T-Shirt in naturally coloured cotton cream with brown stripes
And here is a close up, so you can get an idea of the texture
And I listed two more t-shirts. One with a very low scoop and gathered sleeves in a grassy green colour. It's also available in dark pink, grassy green, navy and black.

Low Scoop T-Shirt in grassy green
And finally a squirrel t-shirt!

Women's Squirrel T-Shirt in organic cotton
Now the family of squirrel items is complete. I've got a squirrel dress and a squirrel skirt and now the t-shirt. Everything is of course made from certified organic cotton and handmade by me in my studio in Berlin.

What do you think about the new items? Have you got any favourite colours you want to see? Leave me a note. You can also get in touch through my Facebook page.

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