Thursday, April 18, 2013


Just wanted to give you an update of what I’m doing.
I have been in Germany exactly for one year and two days now. I LOVE IT!! I’m so glad I’m back!

I’ve met up with old friends, met lots of great new people, went to places in Berlin I hadn’t been before, some of them didn’t even exist when I left, went to workshops, moved a couple of times, got a studio, then got a new studio, made things, did a business course, wrote a business plan, changed it, then changed it again and am just enjoying life.

Impressions of my new studio: lantern

I started to think about my business in a more holistic, professional way. About, how I could integrate it into my life better and be more satisfied with it. Not exploiting myself, nature, other people or animals.
Wow, that’s quite a task! I got pretty high standards on how it should be and sometimes have some doubts if I can pull it off with the business skills I’ve got ...
There are so many things to think about..

I got this in my studio too now. So me!:)

I’m feeling bad, coz a few times I’ve said I’m getting there, but then it took much longer then I thought.

So I’ll give you a few things I’m working on,
 ♥ I wanna change production to exclusively organic and recycled fabrics
 ♥ I wanna produce everything locally
 ♥ everything needs to be vegan(except for a couple of wool dresses I sold in the beginning of Lyptis, all of my stuff was anyways)
 ♥ there will be stuff for kids and for men

Strangely, I just figured out the other day, that Lyptis was quite a sustainable brand already. You know, handmade in Australia, but also cuz, I almost exclusively used deadstock fabrics. I knew what deadstock was, I just didn’t know I was using it. Strange, right?!
So, that makes me feel better and now it’s just about taking it to another level.

Picture a friend gave me. Also in my studio.

About the economics, I haven’t studied business or something like that. I’m just making things up as I go, picking something up from other self-employees, from classes and the net. 

I would like to live off my own label, but sometimes it feels like there is so much to learn. And it feels quite overwhelming at times.

Spring Greetings from Berlin!

But then, I think about all the cool things I could make, and how making things in a more environmentally conscious way would be a great thing to do. And most importantly, I think of all the sweet customers I had, some of which are still writing to me, after I had my Etsy shop closed for over a year, asking when I’d open again, so they can buy more dresses. Wow, really, I gotta say that’s so nice! 
And the once that always left such sweet feedback on my page(I think I need to show it off), it always made my day, even after so many feedbacks. Thank you so much!
I hope I will be able to show everyone some new stuff soon. And I think it’s gonna be cool. 
And I’m very grateful that you’re still with me! Thanks!

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  1. Glad to hear you're coming back! Stick with it and go for it!