Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Yesterday, my Etsy Berlin Street Team, organized an awesome workshop at the Etsy Labs in Berlin.
Hula Hoop Weaving!!

Super easy and really fun! If you or your friends have a lot of fabric scraps lying around, this is an awesome project to do. Here is a perfect tutorial. I will spare you my own tutorial attempt, as I didn't take pictures with the single steps along the way.

Anyways, here are pictures of a couple of projects.

Unterwater theme? Nice!

Alex was using silk scraps, which took more time to do(thinner fabric). Pretty colours!

My work in progress.

And the finished result. I'm very happy with it!!

At first I wasn't quite sure what you'd use a rug like that for. I was thinking of putting the rug on my studio wall, but up to know it's a seat cover. Very pretty!! And rustic..

And a detail.

It turned out much nicer then I thought. And you can do so many variations, in colour and texture and whatnot.
Just be careful, when you use jersey fabrics, don't stretch them too much, otherwise your rug is going to look more like a bowl then, you know, flat.
I feel like doing some more now! Try it out, it's pretty easy and a satisfying project to do.

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