Saturday, July 6, 2013


This week was Fashion Week in Berlin and I went to the Ethical Fashion Show. Some of my friends were showing their stuff there and it was pretty interesting to see what everyone is doing and to meet some new people.

I went to see the stall of Lebenskleidung, my new main supplier, to check out their certified organic fabrics. 
Naturally I showed up 5 minutes before closing time asking about fabrics, availability and delivery times, as you do. Great fun!

Then I went to see my friend Maria Seifert who was there presenting her label Maria Seifert Collections. She is very talented and isn't she sweet?!

Then I went to see the lovely people from Aluc, who had a booth together with Brainshirt. Arianna(on the right) is also part of the awesome Upcycling Fashion Store in Berlin.

There were info tables by Get Changed!, The Fair Wear Foundation and GOTS, giving out informations about their projects, sustainability, certifications and organic and fairtrade fabrics.

I also went to the British Upcycling Showroom at the Upcycling Fashion Store, there was a dance performance by Zeitgetroffen Kollektiv and lots of cool clothes by British labels.

So yeah, fashion week was a lot of fun. It was great to see new designs and meet new and old friends.

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