Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It’s been a while since I closed down my shop. I’d never thought it would take me that long to open it again!! On the one hand, I must have forgotten how intense German bureaucracy can get, on the other hand, underestimated how many business things there are still for me to learn.

At the moment I still haven’t got anything listed in my shop and I’m doing courses and training, which is nice, it makes me feel more secure plunging myself into my business full-time again for a second round.

So, before I get the bureaucratic .. uhm.. challenges moved out of the way, I was wondering what I could do in the meanwhile. And I decided, one of the things that would make work easier for myself once I start it, would be a very well organized workspace.

So, I decided to focus on that. I tend to be quite tidy, but also quite unorganized. When I posted pics of my studios in the past, people have told me it looks quite tidy and how they never get theirs to look that clean.

My Australian Studio

And here is a link where you can have a look at pics from my very FIRST studio.

Same studio as in the picture before

I don’t actually need to tidy up that much before taking pics, but of curz there are days where it doesn’t look quite like that either. And I remember a time when I JUST started my label.. holy shit, I don’t really wanna talk about that, there were a lot of tears, a lot of crawling around the floor and lots of swearing while looking for things.

I used to think I don’t have time to tidy, but then spent 10 times longer looking for things and it seemed, things took me 20 times longer to make.

I’ve noticed from hearing other people and knowing myself, that most people (would) like a tidy workspace, so here are some tips that I’ve figure out for myself on,

“How to keep a tidy workspace” 

figure out the perfect layout for the space you have: make a list or draw a floor plan of your studio and think about things like storage options and how to save the most space, figure out where everything needs to go.

•once you’ve done that, it’s actually quite easy to keep your shit tidy, if you just tidy up by the end of the day. Allocate even just 15 or 30min and put everything back in it’s place and do what needs to be done, like bringing the rubbish down, taking cups to the kitchen, etc.

•I don’t know about you, but my studio is not a dining room or picnic table, nothing against snacks, but keep it contained.

make your studio a cozy place, put up nice lighting, get a comfy chair, put up pictures, keep it nice and warm or cool, make it so you love coming in there and you can start working straight away, coz you got everything at your disposal and you are excited to be there.

•tidy up your computer desktop(one of my pet peeves), close down all tabs, bookmark what you need and drag shit you've put on your desktop into designated folders by the end of your work day/night.

And this is my space now

I had an open studio event 2 months back, which I used as a deadline to make my space more inviting and comfy. I gotta say, I like using it much more now. My studio is outside my home and it’s almost like a little home away from home!

What tips have you got to keep your studio tidy and comfy? Post links to pics of your workspace in the comments, I love checking out other peoples spaces!

Thanks for reading!x


  1. I need to tidy my work space and my mac space ... I start and then I'm just like, nah bugger it, I'm just going to cut more stuff up.

    1. Lol, that's no good!;) I know it's more fun making things tho..

  2. I love your new studio! I'm about to set up a new space too, alas it will also be my living room as my budget didn't stretch to having a separate space. But I'm building myself a new work bench that will look more like furniture, and together with lots of boxes to store things I am hoping the sewing stuff won't get out of control. Will post pics once I'm set up : )

    1. Sounds cool. Show me when it's finished! I'm already thinking of renting a bigger room, but I'm not sure if I can afford it.. :P

  3. I keep my computer tidy but I am no good at keeping my desk space/craft area tidy! I have a big crazy cleanup every six weeks or so, then go into a gradual state of messy decline, then have a big crazy clean up...and so on. Sigh.

    But, more importantly, sounds like you are maybe maybe getting closer to having some stuff in your shop again? I am hanging to get my hands on replacements for two lyptis dresses that I (literally) wore to death!

    1. Well, I'm not good at keeping my computer tidy, I nearly start hyperventilating everytime I open any of my folders! Lol, your cleanup routine sounds kinda cute tho, I can really picture it in front of my eyes.
      It helps to have a deadline. I'm having some events coming up soon I wanna use my studio for, well, I have to represent myself in a good light, right?!;)

      And Thanks for your sweet comment on my dresses, really sweet of you! Setting up my shop again is taking so long, that it really amazes me to still get messages from people wanting to get some more clothes. It keeps me hanging in there during the difficult stretches!
      I will be opening my shop again hopefully in 2 months and to already give you a little "secret update", it will be more about organic and recycled materials and I might even offer bags! Speak to you soon!