Friday, May 27, 2011

What Ya Doing At The Weekend?

So, it's the weekend what are you up to?
I will tell you what i am doing.
That's where i am going tonight, a talk by Gail Dines and i'm so excited.

I just think this woman is amazing. You can check out one of her websites here. I watched a couple of her youtube videos and she's pretty awesome. If you are interested in this this is another great website, its got heaps of resources on it.

Last weekend i checked out the Handmade Show in Oakleigh, Melbourne, to see what my friends were up to there. Pretty cozy venue with a little stage and velvet curtains. I also got to take a picture of this ..rabbit. First i thought it had little boobs but we got corrected pretty quickly by the little artist herself. Those are paws of courz! Didn't you hate that when you were a kid and people didn't know what they were talking about? I sure did.


Ok, a picture of my friend Kerri of Vintage Sew And So. I'm afraid she is gonna bite my head off when she sees it, coz she looks a bit angry in it. But she is really a nice lady. She brought her teenage daughter along too. Lucky for her her daughter is really sweet, at that age some girls are lying in a drug induced coma in the street gutter. I won't name any names..
Anyways, that's Kerri and her stall..(my camera is pretty crap with indoor lighting, so this is the only half decent picture).

Love those polka dotted buntings..

Yeah, normally i just loiter around the streets of Melbourne on my weekends.. Last time i ran into this guy.. Dunno, maybe that's what these Melbournians consider to be art/culture? It's fuckin scary!

So what you doing? Are there any things you'd like to see or try?


  1. I'll blame that awful photo on your camera.
    It was great to see you last weekend.
    X Kerri

  2. Hey that talk was interesting...if you haven't already get a copy of The Weekend Australian magazine...the lead article will interest you I think...take care dearest...

  3. Me? I'm just trying to get caught up on a small to-do list and mending that's been sitting around for two years. :) Hope your weekend is/was good!

  4. hey!! was cool of you to come to THS - next time you come come and say hi to me too! I was looking at your gorgeous dresses yesterday and wondering how they would look with a semi-preggo belly in them... and I love that pic of the blackboard from the last THS!!! Moo, the artist, isn't my daughter she belongs to MooBeeTees, but she is my little market bud, very entertaining!! :)

    ~ Samone x