Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just a little bit disturbing or is it not?

Got a couple of videos i found on my journey on Youtube last night.

First one is about Swansea Junkies, Swansea as in Wales. I always forget about Wales. Or that it is part of the U.K. I remember Ireland and Scotland of being somewhere around there. And i've even been there, to Cardiff to be exact, i liked it, probably coz i visited some of my friends there. No junkies, just a whole bunch of Queers.

Next one is NOT for the faint hearted! There are some GRAPHIC IMAGES in there, so please if you are sensitive to such matters don't watch the video.
It's about the Body Farm, an anthropological research facility of the University of Tennessee. Basically they got a whole bunch of donated(by the people who died) bodies lying around there under all sorts of different conditions, so they can measure the decay.. well you get the picture..
I found it watching some German videos, but the only English one i could find was quite graphic, i still think it is really interesting.

I love the next trailer, it's from a German movie called "Zeit zu gehen"which means "Time To Go"(there are no words in the trailer). I haven't watched the movie, but it it shot in a hospice, which is basically a place where people go to die.

The film is made by Anita Natme├čnig who is a physiotherapist and coach and her website is quite appropriately titled "Time to live -now".
Which i completely agree with, we definitely should appreciate life more and accept death as a part of it.
I think the trailer is so extraordinarily sweet and touching. I think everyone should have to opportunity to die in peace and with people around who care.

Talking about junkies this one is just plain funny. Love that Little Britain character, not my favourite part of it, but nevertheless funny!

And this one is just a random clip about geeks and it is PRETTY AMAZING!!
Love it when people get really good at (random) shit!

Ok, that's it for today, if you got some crazy shit video leave it in the comments. Hope you enjoyed the post.


  1. The Body Farm and Zeit zu gehen both poignent...interesting...pity we didn't talk more about death in our society...ta for sharin honey n reminding us to be here right now in this moment...

  2. I love the nerds who are good at doing really useless (but tricky) shit ... and the body farm vid is cool - We Westerners don't see enough death and dead bodies (in real life) I think it's a bit shit how removed we are from it. Death is part of life, happens all the time - we need to freak out less about it.