Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Rant

Always good.

Why do some people jizz their pants over finding a microbe on mars, but have no respect for indigenous tribes they find in some rainforest.

We are always looking out in space for someone to give us the answer. But really if they are weaker then us we just gonna fuck them over, invade their planet and exploit their resources. That’s what we do on our own planet so why should we have respect for anyone elses?!

And if they are more intelligent then us, i almost, but not really, wish they would fuck us over, like the West has done it so many times with other cultures and countries.

Watch this film about the storage of nuclear waste. It's really good, kind of philosophical. I'm totally against nuclear energy it's unnecessary, corrupt and totally unevolved.

(EDIT: Just wanted to say that this film is really cool, one question it asks is how can we communicate to future generations in 1000's of years time how dangerous nuclear waste is and that it's disposal sites shud be left untouched. I can't find the whole feature in one youtube clip, but you can watch it in 5 parts here.)

This clip is very interesting, 2 weeks old, but ongoing issues. It's scary what so called democratic governments are up to.

Human beings think they are so smart and superior to anything else on the planet, but really we are the most self destructive and destructive in general, thus the most stupidest, because we got the resources and could be living the good life, but chose not to.

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