Thursday, March 3, 2011


Over Christmas we made some furniture for our new, much nicer house. Haven't gotten around to posting pictures til now, but here they are.
We built a towel ladder,

 Then we built a seat for the lounge, here it is as work in progress, not sanded yet.

I'm especially proud of this one, key bench/coat rack thing,

I'm trying to use natural finishes as much as possible, here are some shellac flakes, before being dissolved in methylated spirits. The finish turns out really nice, golden and shiny, but is not resistant to heat at all.:( It seems pretty waterproof tho.

Not getting around to doing much since i have been working full-time/overtime after Christmas. Don't know how other people still have hobbies/a life besides their dayjob and keeping their house clean which is a priority for me.

Anyways, here are some messages for the like 5 people who read my blog sometimes,
Sandy, when you guys get some black (double) knit fabric in can you let me know? I have been looking my fuckin eyes out all over Melbourne and frankly I am pretty sick of it and thinking of migrating(not sure that would help though).

Soner, i know you asked me ages ago, but yeah, when you click the link on the left hand side with all the little pictures of my dresses on it, you get redirected to my website/shop. Depending on your browser settings it should open another window.

Snowbrush, Thanks for asking, I am ok, just really freaking busy! Anyways, yes i used to follow your blog, but not anymore coz you're always so mean to your lady. But don't take that too personal i don't really read blogs in general, almost never. And Yes the pet moved outside. I also blocked the door now, so there shouldn't be any new pets coming along. Hope you're well too.

Christian, Hi!:)

And Hi Louisa, I'm glad you like my blog. Leave a comment!:)

Love Coney Island

And Hello of course to all the other readers. Leave a comment and say Hello! Always nice to meet you guys!:)
You can follow my Facebook page, i set one up for my label,
That would be awesome!
Its a bit bare coz i just set it up, but it won't be for long if you're leaving some nice comments and pictures(NICE pictures) on it.:)


  1. Hi Fran

    yes, finally a post on your blog! I really like the towel ladder and the key/coat rack looks really good. Boy! You are really good with your hands aren't you! looking forward to more blogs from you in the future and how your seat your lounge turns out.


  2. Hey fran. Welcome back to blogworld!! I have been a bit slack with my blog too but am trying to pick it back up again. I think the year just catches up with you towards the end and it takes a few months of the new year to get back into it.

  3. Takes me like half year Del!;)
    Thanks for the lovely comments Ladies!

  4. Very impressed with your furniture making honey...the place has a real scandinavian look to it...wish you didn't have to 'go' to work but could just do your thing at home...take care sweetie...