Monday, December 13, 2010


We moved house over the weekend. Saturday was fairly stressful I thought it would be more fun, just shifting everything and the old house looked so depressing half empty, but the new one wasn’t quite set up yet.
I hate that part of the transition, when you’re kind of in the air.
Sunday was far more relaxed, setting up all the furniture, putting it into it’s place. Great. Love the new house, wooden floors, no carpet. But beige walls, i don’t know what’s up with that, but i have to adapt i suppose.

On my first day here i heard my neighbour call his dog, he sounds like Satan, has the most angriest, raspy, creepy voice i think i’ve ever heard. I assume he owns a German Shepard. He also has a very strong like for 70’s/80’s radio stations he listens too very loudly while playing with his power tools. Mmhh, ...fucking white trash.

The last tenants of our house must have been Chinese, this stuff hangs on three doors. I kinda like it, i wudn’t put it up myself, so it’s different. Also Chinese people seem to be quite superstitious in general. You know all this red and gold and number eights and cats and whatnot. I'll leave it up, maybe it brings good luck or something. I think i’m a bit superstitious myself.
If anyone can read it, let me know what it means.

Here is the breakfast we had on the first day, to keep us going.

Me with my favourite tool of the day.

Ah, and some other favourites of mine. How could you move in somewhere without those.

Clayton, where i live now, seems to be full of wildlife, it’s only one suburb up from where i used to live, but there is/was fucking Redback paradise in our garage, snails are like all over the place on the patio and slugs. And fucking spiders, mosquitoes, bug things wandering through the house like it's a fucking bug pilgrimage.

That’s also how we got our involuntary pet. I dubbed her Frieda(after one of my best friends baby daughter, it was the first name that came to mind, Christian this is for you:)
And Yes, Frieda crawled her way inside the house with a slug friends of hers.

What did you on the weekend? Do you have any little or big projects going?


  1. I guess you've been busy lately--you haven't posted since December. What happened to your pet? They need moisture, you know, so I hope she got back outside.

    I thought you followed my blog since you used to come around, but I see you don't. Anyway, I miss you, and I hope you're okay.

  2. I thought I had maybe missed a post you had written, so I dropped by. I hope you are well.