Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This weekend we are moving into a new house. We were actually planning on moving (back) to Berlin in spring next year, in April, but then we postponed it for another year.
We have been doing this for probably the last 3 years and i'm feeling truly sorry for my 3 friends back home who i'm always telling i will be back soon.
I have been living in Australia for almost 5 years now and i'm not sure if it's life in the suburbs, Australian culture or my dead end jobs, but my brain feels like it has been soaked in fabric softener for too long and it's not a nice feeling.

But we decided to be sensible and stay another year, need to save up quite a bit of money to move there and not stress about it. But i REALLY wanted to move into a new house. The house we got now.. where do i start..?! We actually found a new one quite quickly this time, i loved it straight away, it's got floorboards, a nice kitchen and bathroom, it's fairly big and bright, it's got a patio and even partial solar power. Now, that is pretty cool.
So now it's all comparing fridges, carpet cleaners and electricity providers for me. Not too exciting, but i'm looking forward to getting it all organized and settling in.

My label has been on the back burner for a little while now, actually a year, since i started working full-time again. I'm getting a new studio, it's smaller, only one room, now i got 2, but i'm sure it's gonna be nice. So once i set it all up i might be able to focus on some new stuff.
I also booked a new craft class, just for me. It's an upholstery class and i'm pretty excited about it.
It's gonna be great to do up some old chairs i got around the house, i also wanna get myself some cool sanders for Christmas. Awesome. Stay tuned, because i am planning on putting up before/after pictures.

I also told all my twitter friends about my new upholstery obsession and my lovely friend Kerri decided to book the class with me. I'm so excited. Now we can drool over fabrics and power tools together.


So that's basically it, i'm staying here for now, got a new house, a new studio and hopefully some pretty upcycled furniture soon. And i also wanna do a dressmaking class, once i find one that fits my schedule. 

You got any exciting new plans?  Let me know, i'd love to hear about them.

I took the photos in New York. I Love NY. And i miss it. I call the pictures 'Studies in Steel', i love steel too.


  1. Hey Lovely Friend,
    I'm a bit excited about the class too, can't wait for Feb. It's going to be fun!
    X Kerri

  2. I wouldn't know about Aussie culture since I haven't been there, but I'm so sorry you're stuck in a place that you don't want to be. I just hope your new digs will make it easier to bear.