Monday, April 12, 2010


Over Easter we went to Adelaide. It was very nice. Much better then i expected. But then i have lowered my expectations considerably. When it comes to travel and in general. But Adelaide was nice.

buildings near the river

We drove there. It was nice to see the country again, at least for the first 4 hours.

fountain on the river

Adelaide has a lot of food, especially around Gouger Street, where we stayed and ate out every night. Lots of Chinese restaurants but you can find other stuff too.

South Australian Museum

We went to the Adelaide Museum.

something scratching its back at the South Australian museum

And the Art Gallery. 

the Big Mother/Art Gallery of South Australia

And to the Immigration Museum too.

kids clothing in the Immigration Museum

My feet hurt SO much by the end of the day, the first night i could barely stand up to go to dinner.

Interesting statement in the Immigration Museum

On Sunday we went to the Glenelg Beach, which was pretty nice, some shade and lots of families around having picnics. Not like St.Kilda Beach in Melbourne, which is mostly infested by junkies and backpackers.

Lion welcoming you at the South Australian Museum

Then we went to the Barossa Valley, where they got vineyards and tree lined country roads and stuff. Pretty. Lots of German immigration history there too. If you are into those sort of things, its the place to go.

weird mask at the South Australian Museum(imagine wearing that, urgh)

Ah, yeah, on the way to Adelaide, we also had a stopover in Hahndorf. Its some sort of Bavarian/German looking tourist village, where you can buy shit, like fancy sausages and gift baskets and eat pretzels. Well worth it.

random Hahndorf picture

Since i decided to limit my time in Australia now, i kinda wanna see it all before i leave. Its always a question of money and time tho. Next stop is Tasmania, that shud be nice too.
another random Hahndorf picture


  1. Next time come and see me! Glad you had a nice time over in SA. :)

  2. You certainly saw a lot! Great pictures!

  3. Oh cool! O've never been to adelaide, but whenever someone talks about it they seem to get a glazed happy expression and say it's lovely... so I've always had high expectations... that mother sculpture is terrifying! great post though ;)


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  5. Sounds like you had a fun trip. What's this about leaving Australia?

  6. It seems to be a good destination. I wanna know Australia someday.
    And answering to your question, there's no more that translating link in my blog cause that one had become ugly with the new layout and I didn't find a better one. But don't worry, you can read me by entering in Google homepage, and then clicking "Language Tools". In the end of the page that will appear there's an option "Translate web page". You may just type my blog's address ( select Portuguese to English (or Germany, you know both after all) and be happy!
    I don't really like the translation, it's not so good, but it's better than nothing!
    Bjo, até mais!

  7. I enjoyed revisiting Adelaide...but in no hurry to did highlight the best bits tho...I loved the architecture - great for photographs. But it's one of those places with a seedy underbelly - more prevalent I think in religious minded places...
    Dear girl I don't know how you work full time and do all your fashion stuff as well. Take care of yourself. Hope you've got to do some nice stuff over the weekend....

  8. Hi Fran, Im glad you had a nice time in Adelaide! I live about 15-20 min walk from Glenelg Beach :) you might have even walked past me lol.
    Mikey and I visit Hahndorf often, although we were so upset when our favourite cafe there closed down recently. Did you happen to go strawberry picking at Berenburg just out of hahndorf? I have been wanting to go for a while now.
    Thankyou for your comment recently :)


  9. Thanks for a stroll down memory lane as I was born in Adelaide however moved to Sydney and the difference is huge! Luv your style..

  10. hey ... you won the bunny !! Email me a postal address and I'll pop him in the mail for you :) My email is