Wednesday, April 21, 2010


My 30th birthday is going to be on Friday.

The whole last year ive kept thinking that im 30 already.

I have been in a midlife crisis since i was 16. Seriously. Thoughts like, 'Oh, but im too old to start this/do something new.' constantly go through my mind.

I had my birthday outfit already picked out 3 weeks ago.

Normally i dont have parties, i just spend the day with my boyfriend. And i got a schedule for this year already,
-more cake
-and more cake
-go for a nice walk 
-fish&chips by the pier

Pretty good ey?

If you ever get stuck with buying me a present, its really easy, pretty vintage screwback earrings will always do.

My boyfriend forgot my birthday last year. That made me really sad. But i compensated by making him my slave for 3 days after, which was kind of worth it.

I got a treat planned for us this time too, i will tell you about it later.

When i think about birthdays i also think about how life passes by, about life and death.

If i was Christian and i would believe in the paradise, id have a fucking party everytime somebody i loved died. Coz ure going to see them again, its like ure going for an awesome world roundtrip and they are just waiting for you in another country. No biggie right?!
So i reckon cemetaries are a too solemn place to celebrate such an occasion properly. They shud be full of streamers and party hats.
I also think headstones should tie in with the whole theme then, they should say things like "Well fuckin done mate, you've finally made it!" Its like an achievement.

Now im an atheist, but you can obviously believe whatever you want, except for my sister of curz(STOP IT ALREADY!).

Whenever i see or speak to the old people in my family i think, this might be the last time im going to do this. Next time they might be gone or completely senile.

Some people say, "Live every day like its your last." I think that is Bullshit. Id spend all my money, never go to work and eat probably tons of cake(and lets not forget about the crack cocain) and by the end of the day id probably end up in some sort of institution.
I think there shud be a balance, u shud appreciate the people in ur life and urself too. Do things that are fun instead of always having to achieve something or meet a schedule.

Instead of saying"Everybody is good at something or the best at something" why not say "Everybody has fun doing something it doesnt matter how good ure at it".:)

Enjoy yourselves.

(btw the pictures are from Tanunda Cemetary which is in the Barossa Valley SA, where we went over Easter see last post)


  1. haha Happy Birthday for tommorow and woohoo 30!!! man, i'll be 40 soon...whats that mean for me?? midlife crisis x 2??

  2. aw, those flowers always look so potent... don't they?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!!!!!!!


  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Enjoy the cake :)

  4. I'm actaully rather looking forward to my 30th birthday :) Happy birthday to you, I hope you enjoy it, your birthday plans sound great.

  5. Hey Happy birthday, we'll have to get together & I'll make you an awesome cake.
    X Kerri

  6. Happy 30th Birthday lovely!
    Enjoy your special day, have a blast.

  7. Well said Fran - I am an athiest too, and as much as I would like to believe that we all get to have some party in the sky when we die, it's just not going to happen hey. So live each day to your best , but like you say we don't want to overdo it - I hope you had a wonderful 30th and got to eat all that cake and your fish&chips...

  8. She's fucking back. Love the rant Fran!

    Happy birthday hon and I'm glad he didn't forget this year (I remember last year).


  9. Gosh I enjoyed reading this girl. I love you you not in that way! You're a baby...but so wise.... Agree re the christians and the atheist like you...can't help it...too bright to not be! And the living for today, yes I'd be in an institution too. Have a wonderful day tomorrow honey.

  10. The question is, did your boyfriend "forget" your birthday again this year after being made a slave last year? Ha.