Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spammers, News and a Fashion Show

Yeah, i know, i havent posted anything for AGES! There never seem to be any time and the blogspot/safari/firefox combination is frequently spazzing out on me.
First of all, i enabled comment moderation now, so there will be a delay in comments showing up. Im sorry about that, i didnt want to do it, but i had my blog frequently attacked lately with stupid spammy mass comments. So yeah, it was necessary.

Other news, ive got a new day job now. Yay! I mean *yay!* as far as it goes day job wise.
It pays well, i can sit down(well away from people) and yeah everyone seems to be nice. What more can i asked for?! Because it is quite time demanding i reduced the items in my Etsy shop now, but after i worked things out over here, i will hopefully be adding more again soon.

And yeah, the Slow Fashion Show im participating in is happening this Saturday(like tomorrow) in Melbourne. If you got time, its FREE. Yeah, so i will be there and there is the Sustainable Living Festival happening on Federation Square, could be a nice day out.

Ok, hopefully see you there and have an AWESOME weekend!:)


  1. Yay! for a sitting down day job. Can you tell us what it is? Good luck with the show tomorrow too.

  2. hey franz! miss you girl - where have you been??

  3. Hey! Do you remember me? I'm back! And my English is better... I can really understand you now! Oba!
    I hope to see you soon.

  4. Hello there,
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