Monday, May 17, 2010


Years ago i used to draw. I was quite obsessed with my own world and expressing it through pictures and photographs and i loved watching movies, still do.

I have rather fond memories of it and when i come across my old markers and pictures i sometimes regret that i stopped doing it, most of my pictures i did 8-9 years ago. Sitting in my cold Berlin flat by myself.

(self portrait with dog)
Just being obsessed with cute things, things with eyes. I didn't take any drugs either, i just like colours. And i liked the texture of certain papers and the weight of it.

(teddy bear)
Now i sew. I like the more tactile aspect of working with fabric, it's not just visual. I like that fabric is more sturdy and that you can get it wet and it gets back into shape again.
Not that I've ever gotten my pictures wet.

(self portrait)
What things did you like to do that you are no longer doing? Do you resent them or think of them rather fondly? Why have you moved on?


  1. Cool drawings.
    I used to draw & paint just don't have time to do them any more. :(

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  3. I used to read old books, which I stopped doing for years, but have just (VERY recently) got back into.

  4. LOVE these drawing images... soo lovely!

    Thank you for leaving a very nice message on Wabi & Sabi!! Me like !!!

    Agneta, the swedish one ;)

  5. Those are great! I wish I could draw.

  6. Oh my goodness!! you definitely have to start doing these again they're so happy and funky!

    loved your comment on ftv's:
    "i just want to be somewhere, where we can eat out and go out at night without having to walk back too far/getting stabbed or something. " hehehehehehe lol, the simple things ins life.

    It's hard to choose, I read all the reviews on tripadvisor & which were uber helpful.

    I LOVE being back in oz... such a magic place and home... interested to see what you think of america...we can compare notes... x

  7. OOHHHHH, these are absolutely ADORABLE! I love the one drawn in red. And of course the elephant. LOVE the elephant. Your characters are full of charm. They look like they could just bounce off the page! You don't have to stop. Your markers and lovely papers will be there waiting for you. I stopped making art for almost 20 years and only started back up a couple of years ago. Like riding a bike. :)

  8. how cute..lovely :)

  9. You should keep on doing it, your drawings are absolutely cool!

  10. Your drawings are wonderful girl...and wouldn't they look great on fabric! And to be able to express yourself so vibrantly while alone and in a cold Berlin flat...well that's the preciousness of your spirit Fran. With creativity think we don't really abandon sections like your drawing, they kind of just morph and change into something else, and continue doing this throughout our lives. My love to you...

  11. I love these. haha. Way different then my childhood drawings. All my animals used to have human features like eyelashes and lips.

  12. "What things did you like to do that you are no longer doing?"

    I don't hike. I don't camp. I don't perform hard physical labor. I don't do these things because I am in too much pain.

    "i loved watching movies, still do."

    I just watched "Gold Diggers of 1933," a Busby Berkeley flick. If you haven't seen it, you should.

  13. why'd you stop drawing/creating?!?!!?

    allyson from

  14. Hallo Franziska, continue/ start again drawing!!! "self portrait with dog" is so sooo sooooooooooo beautiful! Hugs from Berlin (it's warm now today and the sun is shining) Chriz