Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too Many Mutha Uckers Ucking With My Shi-

Finally i got my computer back, after 2 weeks!!!
Jeezus, well, im not saying its Apple's fault, but im definitely glad to have it back.

Its weird to not have your computer for 2 weeks, i used my man's, but thats not the same, all my links and shit is on my own. On the other hand it was a nice change, coz it made me wanna be even less on the internet and the man's computer is also uncluttered from my own shit, so i got a bit of a breather.


 The last weeks have been quite weird, coz im still in transition mode, changing a lot of things and isnt it weird that sometimes in extremely stressful situations everything stops working?! I had to get a mechanic 3 times for my car before i got it fixed properly, had to got to the Apple shop i dont know how many times, and in the end a VIP(very important part) of my serger broke.

Mmhh, i guess thats all not a big deal if you got lots or a bit of money to just get this shit fixed, but im almost always broke, well, anyways, what do yo do?! You just deal with it! Its all fixed now, so lets just hope it stays like that.

Coz of all these issues i didnt feel like blogging either and i neglected my shop a bit, listing and editing pics was just too much hassle.

I started to take my bachflowers again occasionally, if you've never tried them they are really quite great. Im taking single ones, but i think the best one to start with is the Rescue Remedy, which can get you thru stressful situations, like exams and just stress and stuff(you'd still have to learn tho). Here is a good list with all the bach flower remedies

Last weeks i was listening to some funny music, especially 'Die Aerzte' and 'Flight of the Concords'. I like their lyrics, 'Die Aerzte' is german, so most of you wont understand the lyrics, but trust me on this one. They are suppose to be the 'Best Band in the World', well well, u might wanna argue that, but they are Definitely the best german band!

This is their newest song, the video is a bit shit(and a bit gross too) and the lyrics have absolutely nothing to do with it, they are about some parents giving their boy shit, like he shud get a job and basically clean up. Its quite fun.

(And btw, random thought, give me a break with all these zombie and nazi movies, ive seen about fuckin enough of those.)

I like bands that dont take themselves too serious, have fun and clever lyrics and a great sound.

Yeah and FOTC, what can i say, they are kiwis(like my man, but thats not why i like them, no really, its not:P) anyways, love their shit.

Here is the long version of the song from above

And this is one of their most funniest songs, i think.:)

Have a lovely week!


  1. Hey Fran - good to see you back. Conchords are gr8. I was actually listening to them on the ipod as I read your post - freaky...

  2. i've been watching this show every day- love it


  3. I'm only just getting into flight of the concordes. Shameful really considering my man is a kiwi and I lived there for almost a year!
    Thx for stopping by my blog!

  4. I love flight of the conchords, they are totally wicked.

    Renee xoxo

  5. These are really very nice videos you have shared with me. I learned and got to know so many from here and useful for its making... Thanks.

    dsi r4

  6. Jenny cracks me up every time :)