Friday, August 21, 2009


Hey guys, i hope everybody is well!:)

My computer nearly died a couple of days ago, now im very sad.:(
Coz i cant use it and have to sneak on my man's laptop whenever he leaves the house and i will prob have to buy a new one.
And my car played up again this week, but i got a pretty good mechanic and it wasnt Too expensive. What i also like about that guy is that he always tries to explain to me whats wrong and shows me the faulty parts, to me, who has no understanding of cars whatsoever apart from that u have to put water and petrol into them.
But im not stupid and things start making sense to me! ha ha

Anyways, computer issues in what form so ever shud be pretty familiar to all of us. Coz we rely a big deal on them. And i never *cough* do any backups or such things.
Thats why i wanna use my blog more for backups of my favourite youtube clips.
Nobody really seems to like my clip posts(apart from Alanna), which i cant really understand coz i LOVE funny/interesting/cool videos. But whatever, normally i bookmark them, but i cant bookmark anything on my man's computer or my head is going to explode from the messiness!

I came across some really nice new music lately by accident(dont we all love that), its all kindof modern folky, the first one is a bit punky too(And its my favourite; 'Low'(Monkey), this band is is so cool and they get a 100% for looking cool and a great video too)

Then we have Fleet Foxes(White Winter Hymnal) i think they are pretty popular right now, i watched a lot of clips of their tv appearances; and i think they are sweet, u dont get a lot of sweet bands anymore. So well done on them. Lovely video too, reminds of the stuff i used to watch as a kid.

Then we got 'Iron and Wine'(Boy with a Coin) i really like the sound of this one and i like the dancing, but not of the red lady, whats with that big skirt being in the way?:P

And then my alltime favourites in crazy stupidity 'Flight of the Conchords'(Ladies of the World) a kiwi band who is just funny.
Dont u just think that video is HOT?!:D


  1. I love your YouTube posts! They introduced me to Sarah Haskins! :)

  2. hey Fran - that sux that your computer is dying on you. I would be so lost with out mine I hate my hubbys one as it is too confusing to use.
    BTW - conchords are one of my favs...
    I love Business Time and Beautiful Girl ..
    oh and I am typing this with my toasty dress on - today we only had 13deg....chilly.....

  3. isn't it nice when a mechanic gives it a go and at least tries to explain like you're a receptive audience? Nice try anyway. hope you're well, thanks for commenting on my blog! x

  4. Really like the Iron and Wine dancin...and the conchords roller skatin...let hope all your mechanical and techno stuff behaves itself this week!

  5. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. It sucks when they don't play nice. Or worse, completely die on us! I LOVE Flight of the Conchords! It took me a while to really get into them but after much nagging from friends I caved in and watched the entire first season on DVD and I'm now hooked!

  6. I hope you sort your computer troubles out soon. It's a great idea to use your blog as a way of backing up your favorite clips.

  7. Oh dear! Computer issues - ours is on and off slow or stopped!!! ARGHH!! Soo frustrating! I sympathise! I have to run off to work (Yes, I am a tragic early morning blogger) but I'll check these out tonight!

  8. fran everyone looks cool with a monkey! hehe
    thanks for the sweet clips! nice work:)

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