Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yay, my first Etsyversary! Reason to celebrate.
So, i had my Etsy shop/business for 1 year now, i think i learned a lot and i met a lot of great people.

Last year around this time i quit my day job and 1 year later i got a new one, part time, im working in a biscuit factory now.
Yeah, very fun, its stupid work, and the biscuits are dry and really hard crackers really.

Have to pay the bills some time.

I started giving my shop a bit of an overhaul, im adding more ready made sizes and colours to save shipping time for my customers, but there are still custom options available.

I also wanna add more and more items, i dont really have a deadline but i wanna have like 100-150 items in my shop soon, work up some inventory, improve patterns and pictures and organization.
I have added some new Eskimo Dresses to my shop, here is one, and here is the other.

More coming soon.

I also added some new colours and new styles.
What do you reckon?

What styles would you like to see more in my shop?

I will definitely add some jumpers(sweaters) soon, more hoody/pocket stuff.

And there is still 10-20% off my whole store til the 9th of October(Etsy time).

Im also planning on doing my FIRST GIVEAWAY on my blog soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Congrats Fran on one year of awesome creations...I love the eskimo hoody - looking forward to seeing what other things come into your store..:0)
    Shame it wasn't a chocky biscuit factory....

  2. congrats on your one year etsyversary, Fran.
    Your designs are awesome and I love the way your style is evolving.
    Hope you'll be able to quit the biscuit factory some day : )

  3. Congrats honey...you've done so well with your etsy shop...sorry to hear about the biscuit factory but bet you brighten up the day for the other workers...

  4. I love the green one and the gray and black.

    You are so funny by the way.

    Congrats on doing your own thing in this world.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. haha yes Im always blogging about food ;) I think they have non-gelatin jelly here: http://crueltyfreeshop.com.au/
    or i went to coles and bought little ready made jelly cups without gelatin and melted them down in the microwave which worked quite well!
    Congrats on your etsyversary. I bet you hate eating biscuits seen as youre seeing so much of them?
    I use to work in a bakery and use to feel sick loading cream cakes into the showcase every morning!
    A giveaway sounds exciting, i would like to have one soon too, im nearing my 50 post.


  6. Your shop is looking good! Congratulations on your 1 year etsyversary. Hope the biscuit factory job isn't too bad.

  7. Love that apple green with the extra (?) seams - the eskimo dresses are fabbo too - I've not seen them before! Congratulations on your one year anniversary - it's the first step in a journey of a thousand miles - hope I said that correctly! It's a big adventure - and you're going great guns!! Yay!

  8. A great big congratulations on your first year Etsy anniversary! Woohoo! May there be many more Etsy years ahead to celebrate!

    It is kinda sucky having a regular day job to help pay the bills. I know the feeling! And gosh those biscuits don't even sound tempting enough to steal a few to munch on while working. There should be at least some cool perks that come with our day jobs ;)

  9. hi! just found your blog through etsy. i love your clothes, especially the one with big kangaroo pocket!


  10. good to hear it from you all and I have a very nice book full of story written like all experience from different users of blog...

    dsi r4

  11. Ooh these are cool!!!!!!! They look so warm and comfy... I'm tempted...