Monday, August 17, 2009


I havent blogged for ages, just about over 2 weeks to be precise.
I really wanted to catch up with all my Etsy orders and do some organizing and stuff.
Also, we(the man + i) started to have designated OFF-computer days now during the week, Yeah, see, thats where i come to now, "Im a fuckin internet addict!" Im serious!
I spend so much time on Etsy(checking my shop, preferably every 5 minutes), on Twitter, on the Dust thread, on fuckin whatnot, i barely was getting anything else done, its actually sad and i wasnt able to stop, neither was i really productive, so off it went(the computer i mean).

I did that already a while ago, but wasnt be able to stick to it, due to time management problems, but now its on. Sometimes i wish my life was simpler(im working on it) a bit like "in the old days", well kindof, i wish id rather spend my evenings with my man in the kitchen to cook or write something, read, paint or just talk, "Make/Do" something, instead of just consuming, like telly and internet and stuff..

The weekend before last(like 2 weeks ago) i thought that there were too many red paintings in the kitchen so i decided to paint some 'Non- Red Paintings', i still had some canvasses around and my acrylics and off i went. Now i havent painted for Aaaaages, but im quite satisfied with my non red paintings, they freshen up the place. The are quite gradient and soft.

Also, i find it incredibly stupid(?) maybe kindof sad is a better word, if people say 'they Cant paint' if u can hold a brush then im sure u can paint, its like walking. Maybe u cant 'paint a portrait with life-like features' but that isnt really the objective is it, i think if u enjoy doing things then u Can do them, and the outcome doesnt really matter so much, or maybe its even nice too, im sure it wud be.

Btw, that fish painting is 'a halfnhour fish', another one of my home improvement projects, i had a friend once come over and thought my kitchen looked a bit bare, so i decided to paint a fish.

What have ur latest creative projects been? I wanna see pictures!


  1. i totally agree with you, if you can hold a brush you can paint! people are very intimidated by art, it can be confusing and overwhelming.

  2. i couldnt agree more - we have so many things to make life better but its making it more chaotic!! im addicted too so i try to have internet free nights otherwise i get nothing done!!
    i like your paintings - didnt know you paint!! very nice girl!

  3. You're right about anyone being able to paint. I once put the kids when they were 1,3 & the bathtub with a couple of small canvases and a palette of colors. Told them to "have at it". We still have the framed pictures...they are so colorful and human faces, just washed of color everywhere. I know exactly what you mean about getting 'Unplugged!"

  4. Since I spoke to you on Monday I haven't actually done much Twitter anymore. Sometimes it's good to stop trying to be everywhere online and go back to where you started. That is making what you love, after all. I think your paintings are great! They look very natural and calming, especially the green one.

  5. I love the colours you have done, they are rich and they shout.

    Love Renee xoxox

  6. Deffinately they will brighten up your kitchen! I get too frustrated painting, because usually it doesnt turn out.
    And yes I have been blogging alot about food lately havent I...ive got a few crafty projects, a skirt, a mobile and a bag that i should get on with and finish so I can blog about something non food!
    And mashed potato is always good, but even better mashed then roasted :)
    Ah yeah the worm comment...i just went back and read it...ugh what was i thinking lol


  7. I think it's fun to decorate the house with my own little paintings. Yet whenever anyone asks who painted them, I say "I dunno" in case they think they totally suck ;)

    We live in a weird world where much of what we do is consume, consume consume. It would be nice to go to a 'back to basics kind of time' to compare. A simple life without all the whiz-bang technology would be so good. For a while at least. I think it's a good idea to just have some computer free days. Or just have minimal computer time on certain days to check what's needed and then switch 'em off. It's surprising how much time we can spend on the computer without realising! Scary really! And look at this! I just wasted another big chunk of your time with this novel I wrote...hehe ;)

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