Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SALE SALE SALE(like soon)

Im gonna have a Big SALE in my Etsy shop for one week, starting Monday, next week!
I will stock it with some more new items until then, so theres gonna be a nice variety!

Here are some of my new styles, i wanted to list those pencil skirts for Aaaages.
Also started playing around with different sleeve shapes.

The Sale is gonna be a BUY 2 GET 3 SALE, so u can put urself some lovely outfits together!;)
Ah, yeah, im gonna list some pants soon too, stay tuned!

What u reckon about my new items?


  1. i love the new items...The skirt looks really comfy but also very stylish. Can't wait for the sale.

  2. They look gorgeous. Well done. Loving my new dress. Thanks.

  3. love the new top....the sleeves are beautiful

  4. Yay a sale off to choose what I want :))

  5. Very sexy...

    best wishes

  6. Oh wow, your new designs look great! LOVE that pencil skirt and the top. And everything else:-)
    By the way: No, the two stars are definitely not based on us, or are you trying to tell me that I look like Obelix, LOL ;-) Good luck for the sale!

  7. oooo! a sale! too tempting!
    and 'pants' did I hear you say 'pants'?

  8. Loving the pencil skirts...pity I'm not curvy enough in that department :( :(

  9. I'm sooo gonna have to check it out:) Love your stuff!!!