Thursday, June 4, 2009


The other day i decided to give our kitchen a makeover, before that, it had only a table 2 chairs and an armchair in it.
I decided to chuck the armchair out(local charity shop) and put the sofa in there.

Its much more cozier now, we dont have a living room, u see when u turn 3 of ur bedrooms into studios there isnt much space for one!

So now we can spend more time in the kitchen, one of us can cook while the other one sits on the computer or does sudoku(and its not me doing that).

The couch is quite small its a little 2-seater from ikea, nice tho.
Only problem is, the arm rests are made of wood, so fairly hard and uncomfortable.

Ive got LOADS of scraps left over from all my sewing ventures, its a shame throwing them away, but normally i cant use scraps of a certain size anymore(if i dont want to make my customers wear quilts), so i bagged them all up and chucked them into the storage room(i normally have them in bags too).

Now i finally decided to make something out of them. U see there were these 2 skirts i made and apparently they didnt want to be skirts and get send out into the big wide(sometimes scary world) they are quite homely and shy and like to stay comfy.

So when i made them into skirts i realized a bit too late that the fabric wasnt stretchy enough for the size i made them and i cudnt wear them AT ALL, so i thought i turn them into pillows, clever idea i thought, i'd stuff them with all these scraps i had left over. I knew it wud be a bit hard, but it wud do.

So now our new matching pillows live in our kitchen and keeping me company whilst typing stuff on my computer and protecting my bones getting hit by nasty wooden arm rests!

Great being resourceful and making things, isnt it?!:)
Have u turned something funny into something useful lately?


  1. How clever are you!! Your kitchen looks very cozy... and I love your Home Sweet Home sign :)

  2. Ooh it looks so nice, I like your kitchen table! And the cushions are cute!

  3. who says that a skirt can't be a cushion...cute. I have a couch in my dining room too - sometimes you just dont want to sit on a hard chair...I kid myself it is like the DOME cafe..

  4. you do seem like you were on a bit of a rampage today Fran... I'm with you on fabric pieces, I have a bag which I just ditched full of miniature stupid pieces of strange shaped fabric... you go!

  5. Looks nice and cozy Fran.
    Love the pillows too, such a great solution for your materials!

  6. Hey, that looks great! The home sweet home picture is so you;-)

    Sounds like you are on a mission of making your house more cozy. It's great doing it with DIY projects, isn't it? When I first got a sewing machine I made us curtains, pillow cases, a doona cover.. Unfortunately my skills haven't quite gone past the curtains and pillow cases stage yet..;-)

  7. Awesome! Very resourceful and cool.

    Also, please don't hate me and certainly don't feel obliged but I just tagged you in one of those taggy bloggy things!

  8. Oooh, clever! Those skirt pillows look super comfy. :) Using up bits and scraps feels so nice! Hehe.