Monday, June 1, 2009


I wanted to show u what i used to do before i started sewing, which i just started like mid last year.
I used to do collages and drawings and photographs and i thought i show u some.

I did this HUGE collage we had hanging in our living room. But it fell off the wall a couple of times, coz no nails(bloody landlord).

Anyways, it stayed in our storage room for a while and i was playing around with it over the weekend..., some of the pictures i really like.., its more like a collection of strange and weird pictures then a "proper" collage. 

Its fun..  I used to collect all sorts of crazy picture, paper clippings, cud sit on the floor for hours cutting up magazines, like Vice magazine and those culture magazines(Vice Australia sucks tho, thats all i can say to that).
 These pics are just a selection of the pictures i like. 

Ok, have fun and thanks for looking!

the names i gave the pictures:
2.China Garden
3.Gruene Woche(Green Week)
5.London Chinatown


  1. Hey, I didn't know you used to do collages, they look great! I especially like the forest one! Bloody landlord, I know what you mean :-) Could you try to stick the picture to the wall with lots of these stickers for pictures (Ya know what I mean? Those velcro stripe thingys that come of the wall with no marks)

  2. Franz i love random posts! And i think your collages are pretty damn cool! I'd love to see more from time to time!


  3. Coolness!
    They remind me of two picture books I have in my school library - 'Imagine a Day' and 'Imagine a Night' - you would love them!

  4. very cool images - love the last one - such an eerie scene but then the name of the shop just made me smile!