Friday, June 12, 2009


Today i want to introduce u to my little friends, my work colleagues, my companions.

First there is 'Sheep'. Sheep helps me by making my everyday meassuring tasks a pleasure, it is very hard working(but likes to take long leasure breaks) and very easy going. Its like 'Gadget Sheep', its right leg extending into a measurring tape, always has a cheery smile on its face too.

Then there is the iMice(speakers for my iBook), identical twins, my boyfriend bought them for me, they are right little entertainers, cud be singing away the whole day, if i wud let them.
I'd get a headache before they wud get a sore throat, thats for sure!!

Their favourite song is by Metallica. Why? No one knows.. Maybe coz they can feel really dark and mysterious while singing it. But really they just like THAT ONE song by them.

And thats their favourite band, it must be coz of their eyes, they have this slightly evil glint while singing these songs and when u stare at them for too long, u'll be hypnotized!

This is Brunhilde, my watch dog.

She takes good care of me since we met in the good old days in Berlin. I actually got her from a Free Shop. We were friends from the very first sight and since then she's been sitting on window sills and tables keeping watch for ghosts and crazy people.
At the moment she likes to sit guard on her watch tower made of stacked coasters.

The Free -Shop is NOT a charity shop, its a collective run by a bunch of funny people(theyre all commies) with a great concept. The rules are, u can bring stuff around which u dont need(useful stuff mind u, no rubbish) and leave it there and/or u can also pick things up u need or wud like to take. U dont pay money for them, u dont trade, there is a maximum of 3 items u can take and they got all sorts of stuff there, toys, kitchen stuff, clothes and shitloads of books.
Love the Free Shop, makes me all sentimental(i used to live above it).

Yep, thats where Brunhilde and I met and those are my friends and they and other people join me in my day, like every day!
Thanks for reading!:)
Who do u work with?


  1. Cute friends! I want a free shop in Sydney! Sounds fantastic!

  2. I love the idea of a Free Shop - that sounds awesome. And what are those mice!! They are so cool!

  3. Jess, the mice are speakers for my mac, i updated the post now, so its a bit clearer!:)

  4. Love that free shop idea & I love your little friends.

  5. beautiful stuff picture. thanks for share. I like it. See you on my blog also. I hope we can share some information.

  6. Hehe, I think I remember sheep! The mice are awesome too!! And I love the fact the Brunhilde watches out for ghosts, of all things;-) My sister used to drop off stuff at a free shop, it is a great idea!

  7. What a lot of cute little buds you have. I reckon your guard dog wouldn't scare off too many intruders though...LOL

  8. they're adorable and funny :) adorably funny! Hilariously adorable :) I'm going now, before someone hits me LOL

  9. Oh, what adorable helpers! :) I don't have any cute animals to help me out, except my cat. And by help, I mean, eat all my materials. :P

    One day I got up and somehow my cat had gotten a lid off a stamp pad, batted it around into a bag, and gotten little black paw prints everywhere. Gah.