Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey Guys,
I shud have posted this earlier, but i just now found the time to actually do it!
My SALE last week was quite a success, Thanks to my lovely customers and all the supportive people in my team and on my blog and twitter!

Thanks so much!

Now im going to stay in my sewing cave for the next 2 weeks

and my ass is gonna be on fire from all the sewing!

After that, so in like 2/3 weeks time, im gonna put out my new range.

I got some awesome vintage materials im very looking forward to using, im going do a little 'woodlands range' with, and i bought the CUTEST yellow heart fabric today, im going to make into jumpers and dresses. Also stay tuned for some metallic looking knits, im looking forward to them too.

Ok, girls(and boys), see u on twitter and on the blogs, so long for now!:)


  1. Look forward to seeing the new range...Now off to your little sewing cave and make my dresses...Looking forward to getting them -
    Nice photos too.....

  2. Yellow hearts!!! Can't wait!

  3. I just had a look at your shop today and was going to congratulate you on that big amount of sales, good work!! I can imagine you sewing madly now..;-)I'm looking forward to seeing your new range!

  4. I was checking in to see how you were doing in the sewing cave. Looking forward to seeing the new range! Now, back to work!

  5. I was wondering why you hadn't returned to the dust thread. Can't wait to see all your new designs.

  6. Hey Franziska! Wie geht's Dir alte Hütte? ;-) - ich weiss, Du hasst solche Grinsegesichter, hihi :-)
    Deine Klamotten sehen echt cool aus, muss ich ja mal sagen. Schade, dass ich das so schlecht tragen kann. Naja, ich schick Dir auf jeden Fall mal allerliebste Grüße aus Berlin! Chriz.

  7. wooo hoo!
    Hearts... ummm... miss seeing you about, but I can come and harass you over here!

  8. awesome - cant wait to see your new range...happy sewing sweet girl!

  9. Wonderful work Franzi! Can't wait to see your new line!

  10. Hey Fran - I have given you a Lovely Blog Award...check it out here

  11. Hope the arse fire has died down....