Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Ok, i have to say its all Amy's fault, she has to take the blame!
To show me one of the funniest female comedians i have seen in.., well im not even sure WHEN ive seen one the last time!

Unfortunately, she showed us(our team) that clip in the morning and there was no going back to my "normal" "routine" after that; i had to click thru more then half of that women's videos.

Now, i put some funny videos of guys on this blog before(people never really seem to like videos on blogs; i got no ideas why, coz i freakin love them), but there dont seem to be many funny women out there, especially not many i know off that actually take the piss out of stupid gender stereotypes, in a very clever and entertaining way.

If u know any PLEASE LET ME KNOW, i got very low expectations, just try.
Alrighty, have a nice evening and day everyone!:)


  1. So, many minutes later - these are brilliant!!!!!
    Off to email links to my daughter.

  2. Oh no - I am wearing sweat pants and have bear head....quick where are the drugs...