Monday, September 19, 2011


In New York you find all kinds of things.

It's not the clubs and rooftop bars and the shopping that i love about New York. I just love to walk around and take pictures of all the crazy people and the crazy shit you see in the streets.(ah yeah and the food, i love the food)

Go to some flea markets(this one is at the Brooklyn Flea market). I thought it was funny, "Bush Family Values" next to a skull+crossbones. Nice!!

"Hail Piggy!" or sumthing! I just found it funny what some people put in front of their restaurants. People seem to be obsessed with animals in uniform or clothes or whatever. Lucky this one isn't holding a bunch of sausages as they sometimes do..

And my favourite flea market find this year.. What are these?! Little fuck dolls or what? My opinion is still swaying between hilariously cute and kinda creepy! Btw, their pants were already pulled down. Great selling point, i get it!

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