Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Alright, i love New York fire hydrants. They are awesome. Not as boring red as the German ones. And i don't even know how the Australian version looks like. Grey?!

Anyways, i took a couple of pics.

Some people say "The streets are made of gold in New York." I don't think so, but some of the fire hydrants certainly are. This one's even got a little fucking crown.

Pink! Awesome! And silver. I thook this near where the US Open are held. And there was this cop van on the other side of the street. And the cop set off his siren. And there is like a lot of police in New York, they are fucking everywhere, so i was already paranoid. So i was like "What do you want?!" And he is like "...snakes.." And me "What? Snakes?" And he is like "....snakes.. ..!" And me "What do you mean snakes? I can't see any snakes!" And he is like, finally leaning out of the window "That was a mistake!" And me, well it fucking better. Ha ha. The guy gave me a fucking fright!

This one is awesome. Nice and compact AND yellow. So cute!

And this one is for my blog readers. because you are so awesome! This was taken on a rainy day in Prospect Park before the storm.

If you go the New York or have any cool hydrants where you live, keep an eye out for them.
And send me your best picture!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Fire hydrants remind me of Sesame Street and of being a kid and how I used to feel sorry for the kids on Sesame Street because they live in the CITY and they had no GRASS! And aren't the ones in Australia those yellow rectangles in the ground? And your dad had to whipper snip around them so the fireys could find them if they had to.

  2. That gold one has a crown on it so that people won't sit on it. Y'figure?