Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ok, went to the Stitches&Craft on friday.
It wasnt too bad, apart from me heatstroking and my car overheating..

They had some nice, kinda crafty, modern art displays there, that was kinda refreshing, the picture above is of one of them.
I didnt bring my camera so Anna from muchlove took the picture im posting.
I went there with her and Ruth from Twighlightspells, what funny girls!

This is me(im the one on the left) and Ruth with the icecream cone of two cheese please!

First when we got there i thought i ran into a giant old peoples home and of curz they were all women aswell..
The first shops we saw were all the 'modern' handmade shops, lots of people with shops on etsy.
My absolute favourite was oneredrobin, her plushies and creations are so cute and unusual and so detailed, i like them very much!
Then we saw people who are printing their own textiles, very interesting too.
I got shitloads of business cards and it was interesting to see some crafty people from Melbourne.

We also attended a talk by Bianca from ink&spindle on web-based businesses.

And watched 'handmade nation' an Awesome movie which i personally found quite inspiring, it showed a lot of interesting people doing some great stuff! *dreams* 
Overall it was a nice day out, but im sure i dont have to go to another craft fair too soon, they are too granny and i dont know, kinda boring.. still nice tho..


  1. how cute is that icecream cone! looks like a fun day out...wish I was there too!

  2. I LOVE the icecream cone. Thanks for posting her store link too as I didn't get a card.

    So many old ladies there!

  3. Great photo, I was there Saturday in the pouring rain, I'm still recovering too!

  4. I missed Handmade Nation and now I am kicking myself about it.

  5. All three of you look too cute in that pic :)

  6. Hey, it was fun going to the show with you girls! I love that photo of us and the icecream cone, lucky Anna had a camera..
    There were some beautiful and very inspiring stalls, I really enjoyed it!
    It was interesting to drive up there too, me being your GPS right through the city :-)

  7. haha, you guys look awesome with the giant ice cream!

    btw, I've just tagged you in my blog. Come and play if you want :)

  8. very cool fran- wish I was down under with you- you are gorgeous girl- even cuter than the ice cream cone!

  9. oh lord i know what you mean about craft fairs...yes there are a few gems but mostly...well...boring...and tiring...what's much more fun...and i think more to sign up at all the art galleries for invites to all their least the people are interesting to look at tho posey!

  10. gee which one of you three is sweeter?? Hard to decide!

    You're stunning, why is it you look so sweet like a princess but you swear like a farmer's wife?