Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been tagged by two people in the last weeks so i felt really popular, the first person was estasketch
and then i got also tagged by Carley from vanilla pixie

so thats how it goes,
take the
6th picture of ur
6th photo folder
post it on ur blog and write about it!

Ooouh, i heard about this photo tagging thing before and i always wanted someone to photo tag me, i was actually curious to see what picture was the 6th in my 6th folder, but i must have forgotten to actually look.

Because i havent even got 6 folders. As in all areas of my life im trying to be a minimalist, so i only got 4!
So i thought i take the 4th picture in the 4th folder. and this is it

this isnt even a picture I took myself, its from when i was travelling thru Australia and uploaded all my friends pictures on my computer, so i think one of my german friends took it, it think it was Martin! And he is crazy!

But its a nice picture and im very pleased with it, all the other pictures of tagged people were so pretty, i thought already some might be cheating a little or helping with it, but i guess u dont have to do that!

So here are some more Martins creations, they are all his pictures. Hes quite a character that one and i also feel quite privileged to have such talented friends, ..they dont even know.. most of the time..

This is a picture of Martin, or as we call him Maadin,

hes really quite funny and as u can see he looks just as crazy as he is! Sorry Maadin, u know i dont mean it.. that bad -my english left me hereby for tonight and i blog with u later!:P

I tag Xenotees, Realisationcreation, Chrisy, Twilightspells, Raj and Paris.


  1. wow what is that bright blue creature?? a humungous lobster haha?

  2. These are interesting pics Franziska...Maadin sounds like a great guy...reminds me of a german friend of mine...Bernd...a talented sculptor (very good with his hands!) similar in looks to Maadin and with the same cheeky persona...thanks for taggin me...but my sixth pic in the sixth folder is verrry boring...

  3. I like your blog!


  4. I just made a tagging post, you tagged me, after all..I feel very honoured!:-) Maadin looks cheeky indeed, he has taken some interesting pictures!
    See ya on Sunday for the Meetup!

  5. nice to meet you martin!

    i think your lobster or squid or whatever friend is scary looking.

    Franz, can i show him my bunny?


  6. Sure Helena,

    im sure Maadin will like the bunny!;)

  7. Hi Franziska, nice blog post. It's so sweet.
    But I'dont get that with the bunny?
    I'm not sure it's too long ago but I think it was a very big octopus in a ice blog. That's or me after a long night.

  8. Hey Maadin, we LOVE You!:)

    Forget about Helenas pet bunny, shes crazy!;P