Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Time for high expectations, i guess, for some people.
I hear lots about De-cluttering! seems like our lifes are all cluttered up with all sorts of things and sometimes we lose the focus of the things most important to us.
We have no space in our houses or heads, to breathe, to let new things in..

Also we are too hard with ourselves, i suppose.
Making all these demands, well the usual.., be more organised, stop bad habits, really finally start doing what we always wanted..
Usually it works for a couple of days or we can change a little, too little..?

Anyways, i learned you can make a lot happening by listened to yourself, be true to yourself and making a precise statement about what do you want to do.
Know your limits is a big one, get to know yourself.
What is the best way to that? Thats what id like to know!

But i made my lists for this year, quite a few of them, im pushing myself, im having fun challenging myself, as long as its not too stressful and i Love learning new things!

My Goal for this year is to build my little business, which i just started a couple of months ago, into a giant corporation,... just kidding!

No, but i wanna live of the money it makes me and i want to live well and i think i deserve this for myself!

I think the biggest problem with (new years) resolutions is, we are trying to do too much in too short of a time frame.
If we make a mistake or cant keep it up for one day, we tend to get discouraged or angry and frustrated with ourselves.
Just keep going, keep your destination in mind, be kind to yourself, but still keep challenging yourself.
Like an athlete, building up muscles, they arent there over night either!

I wish You a Lovely Successful Fulfilling New Year, you deserve it!:)

And let me know about the best way to get to know yourself, im quite curious!
(the pictures are from some lovely shops i found on etsy)


  1. Thank you I loved reading your blog entry! =)

  2. Hello. This was a lovely blog entry and I think you are absolutely right. I have also blogged about my new years resolutions and I hope I will not be discouraged in sticking to them by any of my first failures:) However,a year is a long time and there will always be a chance to improve what we have done wrong. Happy new year to you,have fun and lots of love and wealth from your little etsy business :)

  3. some very wise words, I'll keep them in mind as I face the daily struggle.
    Good luck with your business building.

  4. Great post!
    Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  5. Thank you for your encouraging words!

    Happy new year, and good luck with your business!

  6. I think you are right...we need to take our time with our resolutions and not expect everything to happen over night!

    Have a Wonderful 2009!!!

  7. Franziska! I think this hit the nail on the head. We are so critical of ourselves - we need to be kinder and more nurturing. (Well, I do anyway).

  8. hey sweetie....hope you get to enjoy every single day doin things that you like and being with those that you like....i'm pleased i met u thru etsy...

  9. Hello!! I'm succesfully commenting! (I HOPE!)

    Love your work.


  10. Hi Franziska
    happy new year and good luck with your aims for this year!

  11. This was a good post...I found you by surfing through other bloggers. You have some good perspectives, and some I can apply to my crappy life right now. Thank you for following your inner soul and posting this.

  12. Wonderful rant Franziska! All the best for 2009 :)