Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pink Floyd

I love Pink Floyd, i know they are old 70's rockers, but hey, they made good music and their lyrics are acctual really good and quite critical, like 'The Wall', i mean what band writes a song about how crap and traumatising the school system is?!!
i hated school, 12 years down the fuckin drain! and what do i get for it?! those idiots cud have tought me how to fucking read and write and some basic maths in bloody 3 years!!
i wud have rather learned something productive, like how to deal with difficult people, how to run a business and how to find the fucking meaning of life!
Well, im on my own now. Well, almost:)
i absolutely terribly love this one! when i was 16 years old i bought myself some guitars and tried to learn it. it fucking didnt work out! its so difficult, i think i figured out the feeling of the song better then the technique.. and i had the worst fucking guitar teacher ever, who really got stuck with me on this one..
and i still love it!

this one is lovely too,
i like the lyrics of so many of there songs!

this one is nice too,
look at the setting! its awesome, out of this world!

hey i tried to upload o playlist here, how wud i do that??
its part one of 4 they are all awesome, ive got them running in the backround while im working!!
i have to go now. do some work!:) post it later!

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