Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Work

yea yea, i know i wanted to post more today, especially pictures of my work. but because im working on them the whole day and then i have to photograph them in daylight, it gets tricky sometimes!
here is anyways a picture of something i made yesterday

i hope u like it!
i do a lot of animal stuff, animal embroidery, brooches. i got a definite hedgehog thing goin too!
i made a t-shirt, which turned out nice, but after i washed it and dried it, coz i use disolvable stabilizer to trace my designs and stabilize the material, its usually about to get dark. well, the pictures turned out crap. so were just gonna take them again tomorrow!
here is the hedgehog pin i made yesterday too!

okay, have fun, i write more tomorrow!:)