Friday, March 30, 2012


So yesterday I drew the winners of my Giveaway.

Here are the lucky ones!:)

CONGRATS to the winners!!! ♥ Yay!!
And if you haven't won anything this time, don't be sad, I'll be doing a Giveaway again in the future.:)

I've got a couple of sweet new items ready, I just need to get some pictures taken of them. They won't be for sale (yet), but I just want to show them to you anyways. So I'll post some pics here and on my facebook page this coming week.

It will be cute!!:)

So yeah, no news otherwise, I'm catching up on orders. If you are waiting for your order I will send them all out on Monday! And on Friday we will be moving out of our house. Eeeep!! It will take me a while to set up my studio and label in Germany, so please be patient, shipping my sewing machine will probably already take 6-8 weeks. Wtf??!
And I hope you are looking forward to some brand new designs once I get there.

Have a lovely weekend.x

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  1. I so missed your giveaway. How was that possible. All the best with the move Fran xx