Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi Girls and Boys!

Good Morning, its a new week! Hope u packed it full of plans and high expectations!?:)

I wanna start a new series of blog posts, posting songs that start the new week in a nice and different way.

So if u got any songs(Yes, i DO need new music) please post some links to ur favourite clips in the comments!:)

I start!
This band is very nice!

This is a funny german hip hop video(give it some time) and one of my bf's favourite music clips!

This one was suggested by Gaby from hopelesshotel and i think its worth including!
Yeah, i did include it because of the dancers!:)

Have FUN, a Great Week to u and dont forget to leave us some clips in the comments!:)


  1. Oooh, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with
    *goes away to think of some ideas*

  2. Anything by Phil Collins for me.

  3. This worked for me today... (be patient, music starts at about the 2 min mark)

  4. I want new music too! You should join the mixtape/craft swap on!

  5. Oh man! I need new music too. I cant get ready for work with out listening to something, but it all gets old fast!

    Thanks for your comments earlier. I have to go to another wedding in June. I will forward you the invite! haha.

  6. omg...where should i start???

    let's start with a jazz tune first ok?

    this is a cute song 'let's fall in love' ella fitzgerald.

    Make sure you dance around the kitchen with bf.


  7. Here's one for you - saw them live (twice) and this song is AMAZING!

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