Friday, January 30, 2009


Thanks to all my blogger friends for being so patient with me!!(coz update a bit late)

We had the heat wave here last week(45C/115F) -no fun at all, i can tell u!
Especially without AC!!
Anyways i survived, just about, by staying in my cave the whole day(which i do most of the time anyways).

Also, i had problems uploading some pictures onto my blog the other day and that wasnt funny at all, coz i was overheated and im never in a good mood when im put under pressure(heat) and tested like that(pictures).

But anyways, the pictures are from NZ(New Zealand) where we went a while ago and i think they are quite refreshing.

Here are a couple of facts/observations on the heat and me( and i guess people in general).

-There is not much u can think about when it hits 40C, its survival/cooling down mode
-blood pressure is high(thats what i think) and ur brain is like somebody is poking needles into it, u get very annoyed very quickly, luckily ure too lethargic to act on it tho, most of the time). i cud have smashed something when i cudnt upload my pictures onto my blog, but im not that stupid and crazy
-sewing, taking pictures in wool dresses, being locked out of ur house with no money, keys, sunscreen or anything and ur partner coming home in 13 hours is not a good idea(i didnt, but my imagination was working overtime!)
-Auto-pilot time

-everytime i got up i felt my temples pounding against my head and terribly dizzy
-we were in the german news -Yay, famous!
-why is it if the temperatue is 10C below our body temperature, we are comfortable, but if it acctually IS our body temperature, we are freaking out(most of us) let alone 5 degrees above it?

-in my home town it was 27 below 2 weeks ago, not sure if that was record, but here were about 45 degrees(and lets not talk outback here) than that makes about 70 degrees difference,
imagine experiencing a temperature difference like that in a second, that wud be crazy!!

Well im not doing too well in the heat, dishevelled wud describe my state pretty well, but i persevered.
This week i was/am tired, coz im getting up really early now, but thats good, more time to do stuff!

Thanks for reading!

The pictures are taken at the Huka Falls on the north island and Milford Sound on the bottom of the south island, the last picture is the fjord meeting the Tasman sea, quite amazing!:)


  1. Mmmmm "closes eyes and sits under imaginary waterfall"

  2. next time just visualise being in that gorgeous waterfall and it might refresh you a little
    it must have been awful...i cant handle the heat much either and they are predicting hot weather in Sydney the next few days...Ughhh!

  3. I hate the heat too! It hasn't cooled down here yet, I think I'm starting to get used to it. I don't want to see our next power bill!

  4. I'm with Beadsme - iwant that waterfall here! now!

  5. thanks for sharing the waterfalls...but how about new zealand men photos?

  6. Helena, unfortunately, not much to share there!;P

  7. Ahhh...I feel better already! :)

  8. Love the pictures of that blue water. Thanks for stopping by my blog for tea :) Now I feel thirsty!

  9. wow, those pics are beautiful, makes me want to visit even more.