Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Totally confused-and still new

i still feel like a granny writing her first email here. fuck knows what this blog thing is all about.
if i try to post a picture later, it probably just gonna bloody appear on the top of the writing, even if i want it somewhere completely different!! gooood!

so why do people write blogs? is it some self-promoting, narcissistic, everyone wants to be their own little celebrity-kinda thing???

I dont really get it yet!
but hey i might get totally fuckin into it!!
i wanna show u, what i did today, yes those mice!!

Hey if anyone knows how to put the picture acctually in the text, i wud be grateful to know!

Today i was listening to a lot of pink floyd, hey i had to work! and they are nice!

Hey how wud i put a utube video in my post???

IMPORTANT QUESTION! Please let me know!
i got a couple of good ones!:)


  1. Hi
    I would like to help with that picture thing

    go to the edit html there cut and paste whatever that is written in between < >and paset it below the text you have put in and the image will come below your text.

    you really write what you think that's good :)
    I am also new to this

  2. I think I may help you, but I don't known right how to say names of internet things in English(but I'm a dedicated student hehehe).
    With the image, you have to click on it and move it throught the text withou stop clicking.
    To post You Tube videos you have to get the embed of the video and post on Edit HTML(Is it this way in English?) in the same page of post, but you enter on "Write". There is an option at the top of the box. In Portuguese is "Editar HTML".
    I hope have helped you.
    Oh God. My English stayed so bad here!

    Tchau, amiga. Beijos!

  3. Oh, it's those three blind mice again - I see htem in my nightmares!
    Just kidding, F, they really are cute and unique.